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Reclaimed Materials & Classic Details Give New Homes Unique Appeal

Newly constructed homes are energy-efficient and clean, but most don’t have the same kind of charm of an older home. True “vintage homes”, for all their beauty, tend to have problems just beneath the surface that reveal their true age.

Now, builders and architects are turning to reclaimed materials and classical decorative elements to give high-performance new homes and remodeling projects a less “cookie-cutter look” and give them more character. Some are doing so by giving new life to reclaimed or vintage materials like antique slate roof, reclaimed barn stone, and salvaged timbers as accents inside or outside the home. Others are replicating historic architectural styles, with cornices, columns and all!

One place in the home that is perfect for using recycled or reclaimed materials is the bathroom. Reclaimed wood or stone can be used for countertops. Recycled glass tiles create a unique look for bathroom walls. The giant, old-style cast-iron tubs and sinks are in high demand.

Check out this Star Tribune article for more ideas on how the bathroom can be particularly eco-friendly in a remodel or new home construction project.

Posted on September 20 2011