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5 Home Trends for 2011

Wondering what home interiors are going to look like in 2011? Interior design trends for the future are all about making a home look more optimistic, functional and personal. Here’s what is happening on the home front:

Lighten up the kitchen. “A kitchen is like an operating room: You want it to be clear and bright so you can see all the details,” says New York interior designer Vicente Wolf. In addition to good task lighting, the author of “Lifting the Curtain on Design” prefers white cabinets or lighter woods.

Tone down hardwoods. Although espresso and dark hardwood floors have been the norm for years, we’re noticing a little lighter look for the surface you walk on. “You’re starting to see two-tone and gray finishes,” Wolf says. “Like driftwood.”

Think pink. The color of 2011 is an optimistic pinkish-red called Honeysuckle, according to Pantone, which provides color services for design professionals. It can go Barbie in a hurry, but small doses could go a long way: accent pillows, a Moroccan pouf, a dish towel or one wall of a bedroom.

Re-imagine materials. The “who knew?” factor of upcycled house goods will be even bigger in 2011, according to those at Etsy, the online marketplace for handcrafts. Look for plastic bags turned into bowls and bike parts into clocks. Richardson is seeing more recycled-content countertops.

Mix it up. We like [Canadian designer Sarah] Richardson’s recipe: “Masculine and feminine in equal parts. You don’t want to alienate anyone. Light and dark, and old with new, also both in the same amounts. That way the room is not a time capsule, but then it’s not trying too hard to be cutting-edge.”

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10 Homes Trends for 2011


Posted on January 26 2011