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5 Great Green Products to Include in a Build

Many home buyers now require more environmentally-friendly products in the construction of their homes. However, while some products are obviously green, others make great contributions to a home’s efficiency without being noticed. Here are some products that can contribute to a more earth-friendly and sustainable home.

Wood Look. FSC-certified bamboo plywood and flooring have the look of wood, are urea formaldehyde-free and carry Indoor Advantage Gold and FloorScore certifications.

Water Savers. Showerheads with flow rates of 1.5 or 1.75 gpm but feature an oversized 4.4-inch diameter spray head and a pressure-compensating device ensure optimal performance regardless of water pressure.

Power Flush. The dual-flush toilets offer users the option of a 0.9-gallon flush for liquid waste or a traditional 1.6 gallons for solid waste.

Get Plugged. In. The new electronic thermostats feature multi-room monitoring, as well as customizable levels of programming.

Ventilation Matters. Energy Star–rated ventilation fans are designed for 4- or 6-inch ducts. New technology can detect and compensate for additional interior pressure by increasing airflow to achieve the specified output.

“Green” comes in many forms, so it helps to look beyond the obvious and investigate other little-known benefits.

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Posted on July 26 2011